Business Team

  • Dr Renée Bittar

    BAppSc (Psych) (Honours), Dpsych (Clinical), MAPS

    Managing Director,

    Dr Bittar is the Managing Director of Precision Brain, Spine and Pain Centre. As a Clinical Psychologist, her interests encompass the treatment of a wide-range of psychological issues and life difficulties including depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, stress, personality disorders, emotion regulation problems, and adjustment problems. 

    Having undertaken extensive clinical training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) at The Melbourne Clinic, she has a keen interest in utilising DBT principles and strategies to enhance life quality by improving the skills of individuals and groups in the areas of interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, attention control, and distress tolerance. Renée has completed a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with her thesis focussing on subjective wellbeing, quality of life and depression. Consequently, she has a special interest in Positive Psychology and the restoration of optimal levels of personal wellbeing. Renée remains actively involved in research on subjective wellbeing and depression as part of the Australian Unity Wellbeing Project at The Australian Centre on Quality of Life (ACQOL).

    Dr Bittar’s background includes senior management experience in the health and fitness industry, and her passion for physical and emotional well-being are critical motivational forces in her current position. She has taken the organisation from a single-specialty, traditional medical model, to an integrated, multidisciplinary organisation which is on a steep and exciting growth trajectory. 

    Dr Bittar’s integral role extends beyond the daily operational and financial management of the organisation, encompassing the evolution of our strategy, development of new and innovative services, shaping the culture of our compassionate and dynamic organisation, as well as playing a pivotal role in the design and project management of our new facilities.

    Dr Bittar’s focus is now on ensuring that Precision Brain, Spine and Pain Centre continues to grow in its ability to provide much needed pain management services to the community, and becomes the premier outpatient pain program in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Tom Perkins

    BA(Psych)(Hons), PhD

    Research Fellow

    Tom is a research fellow at Precision Brain Spine and Pain Centre with an interest in neuroimaging and behavioural neuroscience. In 2014, Tom completed his PhD in psychology, holding both APA and publication scholarships. 

    His dissertation focused upon brain function and structure in autism spectrum disorders. He frequently presents research at both national and international conferences, and has actively published several research articles in international journals. 

    At Precision, Tom is extending his research to examine the efficacy of pain management programs in patients with chronic pain, and the effectiveness of technologies such as deep brain stimulation, and spinal cord stimulation for health conditions such as Tourette’s, obsessive compulsive disorder and chronic pain.  

  • Jon Wicklein

    Business Development Manager

    Precision Brain, Spine and Pain Centre

    Jon has had over 25 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry both in Pharmacy & General Practice. He was the General Manager for Complete Pharmacy Solutions and grew the market in South Australia & Northern Territory from 0 to 55% over a 10 year period before selling the business. In more recent times Jon has work in senior management for companies like Pharmasol, Hexal, & ResSleep and worked as a Senior Representative for MSD Pharmaceuticals.

    Throughout Jon's career his success has been due to building strong relationships and delivering a high level of customer service. He is a dynamic, results-driven professional with a record of achievement and demonstrates success in driving million-dollar revenue growth while providing sales leadership in highly competitive markets.

    Jon is passionate about education and promotion of quality products and services and strongly believes in supporting those which assist and improve the quality of life. Jon also has given of his time to volunteer in organizations such as The Rural Fire Brigade (NSW) and State Emergency Service (Vic) .