Corporate Health

Corporate Health Training

Precision Life Corporate Health Programs are designed to enhance employees physical and mental health, thereby increasing their productivity and positivity, and directly impacting their company’s bottom line.

Why do you need a corporate health program?

  • Healthy and productive employees are your greatest asset
  • Most employees have poor nutrition, do not exercise regularly, and have high stress levels
  • Physically inactive employees take more sick leave more than active employees
  • Employees who don’t exercise are 50% less productive during the last 2 hours of each workday than active employees
  • Group classes encourage friendships and camaraderie amongst employees, helping to create a more positive workplace culture and lower staff turnover

What do our corporate health services include?

We offer a range of services which can be customised to the needs of your organisation and employees. These services include:

  • Group and Individual fitness sessions
  • Corporate health assessments
  • Corporate personal training
  • Corporate health profiling
  • Team building training sessions
  • Group Nutritional, Health or Fitness Seminars
  • Interpersonal effectiveness seminars and training