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Precision Life Staff

  • Ben Belling

    Precision Life Training Director

    Personal Trainer, Muay Thai Instructor

    Combining a passion for proven results-driven physical training principles with a customer-service focus, Ben provides precise individualised training guidance guaranteed to reap the most effective, time-efficient personal training you need.

    From the moment Ben could stand he was always on the go. A multitude of sports and recreational activities has produced a rounded training background in a diverse range of both sports-specific and general training practices encompassing such fields as Australian Rules, cricket, tennis, squash, soccer and amateur bodybuilding. His time as a Muay Thai instructor honed his skills further in elite level training concepts and skills.

    Collating his knowledge base acquired from decades of first-hand experience and application of a lifetime of work and play, Ben made his move into personal training to share his passion for everything  health & fitness. Since then Ben has forged his own path of success stories with his focus on achieving goals in line with his client needs and desires. These include fat loss, postural correction, injury rehabilitation, sports specific training, bodybuilding & reshaping, pre-wedding conditioning, pre and post-natal training and pregnancy training.

    Ben happily guides his clients from their initial steps into personal training right through to developing new and exciting challenges for the well-versed in elite training to always make personal training fun and challenging.

  • Leigh Gathercole

    Precision Life

    Certified Personal Trainer, Rehabilitation Trainer, Funtional & Core Conditioning Training, Outdoor Trainer, Boxing Instructor

    Leigh's training style is informed by his passion for sport and athleticism, sport specific training, functional movement and rehabilitation. With his background in a multitude of sports, both playing and coaching, he has come to the realisation that prevention of an injury is always preferable to rehabilitation. As such, Leigh focuses on postural care, and strengthening functional movements to ensure each of his clients train safely and effectively while building stability and strength to guard against injury.

    Leigh also has a passion for the performing arts, being professionally involved as well as a keen spectator; his understanding of human movement with the combination of his experience on stage gives him a dynamic insight to athleticism and strength.

  • Martin Matti

    Precision Life

    Certified Personal Trainer, Remedial Massage Therapist and Boxing Instructor

    Participating furiously in State League Soccer for many years and involving himself in various sporting events, Martin's health, fitness and recovery knowledge is vast. Playing competitively, Martin's soccer career gave him the opportunity to work for a State League Soccer team as their trainer and masseur. Strength, conditioning and recovery is something Martin is very passionate about and leads by good example. Having been interested in sport and fitness from a young age, Martin's enthusiasm is second to none. Martin's passion and desire comes from his clients. Guiding them to reach their maximum potential and giving them the advice to help them lead strong, fit and nutritional lives to the fullest. Seeing their fantastic results is what drives and excites him to produce his best.

    Martin is a firm believer in combining specifically tailored treatments and exercises to nurture and strengthen the body in a holistic manner.

    Martin works with a broad range of clients. Each fitness program is individually personalised and adapted to their lifestyles and fitness needs.

  • Anca Vereen

    Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist APD, AN

    Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist

    Anca Vereen is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist with a background in psychology. Anca is passionate about creating lasting health that is personalised to your mental, emotional, behavioural and nutritional needs and goals.

    As a holistic practitioner she combines expert nutrition knowledge with practical counselling techniques to identify your unique needs and tailor specific recommendations that suit your circumstances. Her skills are also complemented by the use of the latest technological advances like body composition analysis and genetic testing.

    Take advantage of Anca’s strong evidence-based approach and benefit from modern assessment techniques that remove the guesswork and gives you a more complete and accurate understanding of your state of health.